Whitewater Rescue Technician - Swimmer

Whitewater Training Program

Swiftwater Rescue training especially for river runners. Our Whitewater Program has been developed for river guides, kayakers, canoeists or even SUP paddlers who don't want to learn all about how to rescue somebody with a inflatable fire hose in flood conditions. It is the new name for the internationally recognized certification for river runners (which used to be known as the SRT).

All our whitewater safety and rescue courses are certified by Rescue 3 International.

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We aim to improve every paddlers knowledge of the dangers inherent to the whitewater environment and how to avoid them. We also aim to improve self rescue skills of every paddler and give them the experience to be able to judge for themselves how serious a rapid is.

Group rescue skills are also on the program, with simple, quick, low tech methods being taught first.


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This 2 day course is mostly run over the weekend, with two long days in order to get the most practice time out of a short course. As the name says it's just the basics on this course for whitewater kayakers. Safety and rescue using just the equipment that fits into your kayak.


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For kayakers that often paddle on grade 4 & 5 whitewater. We practice rescue skills in realistic scenarios to find out what works and what doesn't when time is against us on harder whitewater.


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The SRT A starts where the WRT course leaves off. After reviewing core skills, we start working in the river environment at night, including night searching exercises. As well as teaching technical vertical rescue.

Participants must have a current WRT certification and should be comfortable with all rescue skills as well as active abseiling.