Whitewater Rescue Technician Training

This river rescue course is suitable for all whitewater riverguides and paddlers. In three days you will learn about safety on the river. How to prevent accidents occurring and what to do in the event of one happening. As well as how to use the equipment that you have avalible effectively.

This course is certified by Rescue 3 International and is internationally recognized as a river rescue qualification for guides the world over. Formally know as the Swiftwater Rescue Technician or SRT certification.

Course duration: 3 Days

This 3 day course has a half day of theory and the rest of the time we are outside either on the river bank or on the water learning and improving our practical river rescue skills. We concentrate first on core paddler safety. Things that every paddler and guide can do to ensure that they are safer on the river. This is followed by self rescue skills, and finally by group rescue skills.

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Course Aims:

We aim to improve every paddlers knowledge of the dangers inherent to the whitewater environment and how to avoid them. We also aim to improve self rescue skills of every paddler and give them the experience to be able to judge for themselves how serious a rapid is.

Group rescue skills are also on the program, with simple, quick, low tech methods being taught first.

"Just watching swiftwater rescue DVD's is not enough - to experience dangerous situations in a "controlled" manner is vital and to practice rescue too."

Timea Ziegler - Hungarian Kayaker
WRT Course - Pfunds Tirol

Personal Equipment required:

Personal equipment hire is not included in the course fee.

Rescue equipment such as: Throwbag, Karabiners, Pulleys, Slings etc. are available from us to test and are also available to buy in our shop.

Personal Equipment (including kayaks, paddles etc. on kayak courses) can be hired from us for a small charge when booked in advance.