Swiftwater Rescue Training Overview

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Special Training Courses

Boat Operations in SwiftwaterRope Rescue CoursesCanyoningRescue 3 Instructor Course


We can help you to understand the inherent dangers and intricacies of swiftwater (moving water) both in flood events as well as in normal rivers, weirs and whitewater.

All of our swiftwater rescue courses are certified by Rescue 3 International and follow the standards set by the NFPA for technical rescue.

In the USA the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) has set 3 levels of training for technical rescue personal:

Our training courses are built on this simple system, as it is flexible and can be modified for each and every group, regardless of size or training needs.

On all of our swiftwater rescue courses each student receives a pdf Rescue 3 course manual, pdf course certificate, sticker and badge.