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The Wilderness First Responder course is designed with the outdoor professional in mind. It focuses on developing first aid skills for treating patients outside the normal “ golden hour” of first response. This 6 day (72hr) Wilderness First Aid class is the industry standard for guide services and outdoor education programs. This course includes lessons in anatomy and physiology. When responders understand how the body works then they can better understand what it needs during traumatic, environmental and medical emergencies. The course is based on the protocols set by the Wilderness Medical Society and instruction encourages the students ability to think through body systems in an effort to determine the best response - whatever the situation.

Course duration: 6 Days

This first aid course will be customized for paddlers, raft guides and people who work around moving water in a wilderness or semi wilderness environment. Instructed by highly experienced Swiftwater Rescue Instructors Abigail Polsby and Julie Munger from Sierra Rescue in California.

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Course Aims:

Classroom sessions are followed with hands on practice, to integrate the information in a field setting. Students will get to see their skills in action, with video coverage of intensive scenarios being reviewed towards the end of the class. The course also includes CPR certification.

Course Requirements:

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