European Advanced Whitewater Rescue Training

Advanced Whitewater Rescue Course

The WRT A starts where the WRT course leaves off. After reviewing core river rescue skills we start working in the river environment at night, including night searching exercises. Technical rescues are also a continuing theme for on this course as we learn to rescue victims out of the vertical realms of steep sided river gorges.

Certified by Rescue 3 International

Course duration: 4 Days

Participants must have a current WRT certification and should be comfortable with all WRT skills, as well as active abseiling.

Minium age 18

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Course Aims:

We aim to give rescuers a thorough knowledge of rope rescue techniques along with self rescue skills in the vertical environment. We also aim to give rescuers a thorough training in the dangers and problems related with night operations around swiftwater rescues particularly with regard to search and rescue at night.

"Very interesting & worthwhile. I am now much more confident to participate in a technical rescue scenario!"
Jeff Hastings - International River Guide
SRT Advanced Course - Pfunds Tirol

Personal Equipment required:

Personal equipment hire is not included in the course fee. Personal Equipment can be hired from us for a small charge when booked in advance.