Sanna River Rafting

IRF - INternational Rafting federation

The INTERNATIONAL RAFTING FEDERATION (IRF) is about bringing the world of rafting together so we can all benefit from our interaction.

This interaction may involve anything from competing at the World Championship level to being part of a local grassroots event in your home town. Or it could be that once-in-a-lifetime experience of going on a commercial raft trip locally or around the world, whether it be for 1 hour or 16 days.

The IRF is in the forefront of raft safety worldwide. Through our various courses and certifications, we can ensure a global standard of guides while continually evolving raft techniques to keep everyone safer.

The IRF is also about the environment and conserving the rivers we raft. It’s about educating others–at the whether local whitewater park or from just above Lava Falls deep in the Grand Canyon.

The IRF is about bringing rafters together, from the most experienced guide to the new enthusiasts on their first trip.

Guide training & Certification

The intentions of the IRF Guide award scheme are to provide a means of recognising guides, trip leaders and instructors that meet internationally accepted standards. The Awards have been designed to complement existing requirements, regulations and laws worldwide by giving a structure to their common elements.

Additionally, the scheme is intended to provide an internationally recognised structure for the professional development of guides.

We have two qualified IRF Instructors availble to run training courses for you.