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Incident on the Upper Applegate river in Oregon where a boater was swept into a undercut area after running a drop. The kayaker doing safety is wearing a helmet camera and so you can view the whole rescue on vimeo. He ended up having to throw the rope to the swimmer three times. He knew that his fellow boater was not in a good place and unable to self rescue...

First here is a link to the video clip of the rescue:

VIDEO - Creeker Near Miss


There is also a write up from the kayaker doing safety here:

REPORT - Creeker near miss


This is only a small volume creek but it once again shows us how much more force there is in water sliding downhill than most people would expect. I think we would all agree that this is a pretty bad place to swim at, and that a swimmer is not going to be coming out of there by themselves. What also makes this a serious situation is that there is no great place for safety cover. The kayaker doing safety is standing in the best spot to throw from but is forced to pull the swimmer through the water that is moving the fastest (and so exerts the most force). Luckily he has his friends across the river to help him, unluckily they are not dressed or equipped for rescue, which definitely puts them at a higher risk, especially as the only way to get across the creek is for them to swim (no convenient bridge nearby).

Points we can all take away from this are:

Have a safe and fun summer on the creeks!