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Summer 2011

Training Aid - The Inflateable Strainer

For some time we have been trying to find something better than a tree to practice strainer entrapment drills on during our courses. Although a tree would be the most realistic option, the reality that more accidents occur doing strainer drills on Rescue 3 International classes that anything else made us look for a softer option. We have now found what we think is the perfect option in the inflateable strainer. Pump it up and throw it in the river and even in fast flowing current students will not get hurt being hit by it. We will be using this on all of our courses now and will also be offering them for instructors to buy in our online shop.

Online shop

Near misses on the river - Creek boating

Alberschwende Weir

Inccident on the Upper Applegate river in Oregon where a boater was swept into a undercut area after running a drop. The kayaker doing safety is wearing a helmet camera and so you can view the whole rescue on vimeo. He ended up having to throw the rope to the swimmer three times. He knew that his fellow boater was not in a good place and unable to self rescue...


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Instructor Tip - Re-throws

Leading on from our near miss artical, we would like to look at some of the different options you have to re-throw your throwbag to someone who is stuck in a hole if you missed the first time...

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3 New HMS Karabiners in Test

Rock Exotica Rescue Pulley

Given the choice, if they could have only one karabiner with them, most guides and paddlers would choose a pear shape one. Designed so that you can use an italian hitch, they are also known as HMS karabiners from the German, Halbmastwurfsicherung, and so are the most versitile karabiners availble. We are looking at how the two new models from Edelrid, the Magnum and the Strike hold up against the high quality Pirate from Rock exotica and the old Attache and William from Petzl.


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