Kayak guiding on the Zambezi

Our professional guiding service let you have a stress free kayak holiday. Admittedly a bit more expensive than a do-it-yourself trip, but think of all the savings in other places.

All this time saved can mean that by the end of your kayak holiday you have run twice as many sections as you had planned or had much more time to relax. Rather than getting back to your campsite in the dark only to find out that the shops are shut every day.

We meet groups of kayakers every summer who have not been on the river for days as everything was "too high". Actually they just didn't know that there are plenty of sections to paddle at every water level (even flood stage).

Kayak groups who are all trained in river rescue and first aid and carry the appropriate equipment are far safer on the water as those groups who only have one person who knows what is going on. To this end if a group is fully SRT / WRT qualified then our guiding service is half the regular price!

Personal Equipment

Personal equipment is not included in the course fee.

Rescue equipment such as: Throwbag, Karabiners, Pulleys, Slings etc. are available from us to test and are also available to buy in our shop.

Personal Equipment (including kayaks, paddles etc. on kayak courses) can be hired from us for a small charge when booked in advance.