Palm Extreme Vest

Palm Extreme River Vest - review

The Swiftwater Rescue Team have been testing the new Palm Extreme Vest (or EV for short) for the last two months. Rob Hind was also one of the team that used the original Palm Waghi Extreme back in 1994 in Papua New guinea.

The palm river vest has been updated no less that 6 times since then and it has always been a favorite of ours.

Palm spent two years re-developing their top of the line jacket and it shows in the details.

"I love well thought out pockets and this vest has got a lot. The top karabiner pockets are just great for a Petzl attache karabiner, and the main pocket is good for a big sling as well as a compact camera if you like to carry one with you. It's also very comfortable and easy to put on even if you are wearing a dry suit.

The whole back of the jacket is also beautifully clean, with no extra straps where things could get clipped to by mistake. The guys at palm have really put a lot of thought into this vest and it shows."

Neil Newton Taylor - Swiftwater Rescue Instructor Trainer

"I think it is easily the best kayaking vest for instruction on the market today."

Rob Hind - Swiftwater Rescue Instructor