Rock Exotica pulleys

Rock Exotica Hardware

Since 2011 we have products from Rock Exotica, one of the best hardware manufacturers in the world, available on our courses for students to test and/or purchase.

Rock Exotica have been manufacturing high quality climbing and rescue hardware since 1987. They have over the years often produced equipment for other well know and larger companies, and because of this their brand name is not as well known as many others, especially in Europe. Now they are back on the market with a new updated product range of their own.

Rock Exotica has refined the karabiner far beyond the offerings of other manufacturers. Their karabiners offer features you cannot get anywhere else:

Rock exotica have also reinvented the machined pulley. Their machined pulleys are milled from solid 7075 aluminum so that material can be taken away where it’s not needed and left where it is. The axle is machined as part of the side plate, allowing a flush head axle screw to be used. That is why these pulleys are more compact, stronger and lighter weight than conventional stamped pulleys.

We will be having a selection of Rock Exotica's karabiners and rescue pulleys to practice with on the river, on all of our courses.