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Warning regarding counterfeit versions of Petzl products

Latest news from the Petzl Website:

We have recently identified some copies from China 'identical' to four items of Petzl's Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). These copies, noncompliant with our standards, are a real danger for the user. Unfortunately, from the outside, they are indistinguishable from an original Petzl product. Petzl have immediately launched an information campaign throughout its commercial network and for its clients, as well as legal measures to identify and stop the culprits.

The four products we found that do not meet our safety requirements and are potentially dangerous are:

To our knowledge, these are the only four Petzl products that we have found to be identical counterfeits. No other Petzl PPE products are concerned by identical counterfeits (with Petzl logo).


Over the past several years, Petzl has been fighting to stop the counterfeiting of our products. Our concern is for the safety and satisfaction of our end-users. These actions have enabled us to stop the illegal manufacture of our products.

To ensure that you have purchased authentic Petzl products, be sure to shop at an authorized Petzl dealer. If you are in doubt, contact the distributor in your country.

There is a significant risk that these counterfeit products could open or otherwise fail at low loads and under normal use:

It will be very difficult for you to identify these fakes as they have been reproduced in a way that makes them very difficult to identify. The following features have been reproduced nearly identically:

Only an in-depth analysis allows us to identify these counterfeit products, due to minor differences in the tools used to produce them.

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