On rescue courses you can bring two or more karabiners with you if you already have them.

We recommend using screw gate karabiners with a keylock system for all your rescue, rafting and kayaking needs. Pear-shape (sometimes called HMS) karabiners are the best multi use karabiners and D-shape are the strongest.

We only recommend Screw gate karabiners for Swiftwater Rescue use. Tri-lock (triact, locksafe, etc. which need 3 movements to unlock) Karabiners are considered the safest karabiners. However the difficulty of quickly clipping in with one of these designs more than outweighs the extra safety of the tri-lock design.

How many Karabiners you need to take with you depends on what you are doing and where you are going. Most of the time two will do but going into a hard gorge in the wilderness I'd want to take a few more. Raft guides in Tirol have to have one on their flip line and two extra as a minimum.

Our favourite karabiner at the moment is the Pirate screwgate from Rock exotica.