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CRKT Bear Claw Messer

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The CRKT Bear Claw Knife is an extension of your hand that cuts rope and webbing like a razor. The blunt tip prevents point penetration in emergency situations. 

  • The curve In the Triple-Point serrated blade concentrates the cutting motion for quick, easy severing of the material. 

  • Blade control comes easy with the generous size finger hole and friction grooves on the blade spine, underside and near the tip. 

  • The knife is held firmly in its sheath but releases smoothly with a jerk or thumb push. 

  • Columbia River Knife & Tool makes the handle and sheath of super tough Zytel®, an injection molded composite that wears like metal. 

  • The clip slips on a lashtab for handy access. The holes and slots in the sheath serve for additional security anchoring of the sheath to your PFD. 

  • The clip is removable and can be moved to open toward the handle or tip end of the sheath. When mounted on the lash tab, the knife is oriented for a right-hand draw.

  • The shank of the blade runs the full length of the handle for superior strength. 

  • The 6cm blade is made of taper ground AUS 4 stainless steel for excellent edge holding and corrosion resistance. 

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