wildwasser Kajak

Wildwasser Kajak - Derzeit nur in Englisch verfügbar

Bei der Teilnahme an einem Kajak Kurs benötigen Sie einen Wildwasserkajak das sie können der entsprechen Fluß- abschnit damit fahren.

It seems that every week a new kayak comes on to the market. From this unbelievable choice of kayaks how on earth can we choose the right one.

Well it's not as complex as you might think if you categorize boats into three main types: The creek boat, the play boat and the river runner. Pick the type of boating you want to do, pick a company that you like the outfitting system of and then pick the colour you want. I like yellow.

It does become a bit tricky when I tell you that which boat falls into which category depends not just on what it looks like but also on your weight and paddling ability. However this is just common sense and physics really.

With creek boats you just have to look at them. They need to have volume, round ends, round hull, multi karabiner attachment points, a large exit cockpit and a solid full plate footrest. If it doesn't have all these, then don't go creeking in it.

Playboats are small, low volume, planning hull, normally pointy, feet torture devices. The short length means they have a low top speed and the low volume means they go under the waves and holes. Get that planning hull on a wave though and they rock! Playboats are Fun and that's why people like to paddle them as much as possible. However if you are running a rapid at the upper end of your ability being in a playboat won't make it any easier! More importantly for a river trip is that it is harder to rescue a friend or their boat when you are in a playboat.

A river runner is everything in between these two extremes. Not so short and low volume but it still has a planning hull and you can wavewheel it.

So if you are a small, light, skilled paddler then you can buy a small kayak classed as a "playboat" and it handles for you more like a river runner. However if you are a bit on the heavy side and not as skilled then something that has been classed as a "river runner" may act more like a playboat for you on that hard grade 4 run your thinking of doing. The back edges catching in eddy lines and making you roll in places you don't want to be rolling.